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Hypnotherapy in St Helens

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We all want to feel happy

We all want to feel happy, contented and valued in life, but there are times when you can feel that life is passing you, something is just not right or you feel overwhelmed for reasons you may or may not understand. This can impact greatly on your Physical, Mental and Emotional well being and can leave you feeling anxious, tense, and irritable as well as feeling isolated and alone.

Hypnotherapy can help

Through many years of practice, both as an NHS Hypno-Calm senior therapist and as a private practitioner, I understand how and why that can happen. I use all my professional expertise in bringing a multi-skilled therapeutic approach to help you resolve these feelings.

Hypnotherapy, Integrative Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Touch Massage and Body work have helped people find solutions and assisted them in feeling better when they felt unable to do so themselves.


I help you to make the changes that you choose. Each session we will work to identify the most important issues that you feel is important to you, explore and identify the positive changes you have made and together personally structure your session to accommodate and benefit you the most… I use an Integrative Approach which means you don’t get shoe horned into a generalised plan.

How I Can Help You

I work in a unique way, bringing together the latest neuroscience, psycho-dynamic and analytical theories. This enables me to work efficiently and quickly, using a 5-step process:

  • Facilitating a warm, safe and private environment where you will be accepted and allowed the space and time to present your specific concerns or issues in a non-judgemental way.
  • Where you are encouraged to speak openly and engage in your own therapy process.
  • Where I will actively listen and work with you at a depth and pace that is right for you.
  • Tailoring and adapting each session for you as well as guiding and supporting you through the process.
  • Providing and designing specialist therapeutic material and CD’s to build upon your inner-resilience, skills and personal development and growth.

Using all of this expertise to build, either as part of a therapeutic package or as a stand-alone treatment, I can optimise your ability to recover quickly – thus reducing the periods of time you need to attend for therapy.

What We Do

My Specialisms

I specialise in working and supporting issues relating to hospice & cancer care. My expertise includes providing clinical interventions to help clients cope with, for example, anxiety, fear and phobia using HypnoCalming techniques.

Other Problems I Can Help

I also work with social anxiety and panic attacks, weight related issues, habitual and addictive behaviours and a wide range of common symptoms and conditions.

My Clients

The people I work with attend for many different reasons and come from many different backgrounds. Some clients refer themselves, while others are referred by other allied health professionals, including private medical providers within St Helens and the surrounding Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire regions.

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